Excerpt from "The Savage Nation- Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders Language and Culture" by Michael Savage. Pages 112-114 Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee.

[The Savage Nation was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for 3 or 4 weeks in February 2003]



Isn't it ironic?

Here we sit in our comfortable America, all in a huff about the crazed al-Qaida, about North Korea's Nukes, about the Palestinians who kill innocent Jews, about the tyrant Saddam, and about a dozen other issues far from our shores. And we contemplate whether we should bomb them, or at least starve them with economic sanctions, into conforming to our enlightened ways.

Every day we are reminded of human cruelty in foreign lands. We see specials on TV about Nazi atrocities and the death camps. We shudder and vow that it will never happen here-while our babies are being killed by the millions every year right here in the U.S. Yet we prefer to think it's Saddam on the distant Tigris and Arafat in far away Israel who are the threats to humanity.

Not only are the babies, even at or near birth, being killed every day in America-this bastion of human rights-but their organs are also being harvested and sold on the black market. They are being dissected, sometimes while still alive, and sold piece by piece. Ears for $75 a pair; arms and legs, $150; a brain for $999, tax not included. That's right; it's called the "unholy harvest." The rotten, mean-faced, clipped-haired abortionists, our present-day fascist jackboots, are selling baby parts and making millions of dollars in their factories of death.

Companies such as Opening Lines of Kansas City, Missouri, were making millions more-until their operation was exposed for the atrocity that it was.

Do you want an unprocessed baby? It's $70.
Do you want the babys bone marrow? $ 250.
Do you want the baby's eyes? $ 75.
A spinal column will run $850.

An intact embryonic cadaver costs $ 400. The Opening Lines brochure reads, "Fresh Fetal Tissue Harvested and Shipped to your Specifications…where and When You Need It!"

It's becoming a huge business. And some of this is money is being funneled to the Democratic machine. We are told that the presence of women in politics would bring us compassion. Yet Senator Barbara Boxer is the loudest cheerleader for this infanticide. Anybody who supports partial-birth abortion, anybody who supports the sale of fetal parts in the name of choice, should rot in hell for a thousand years.

We're living in a psychedelic world and a psychedelic country. It makes me feel we're living in an emerging Nazi Germany. But even the Nazis didn't sell the body parts.

Isn't it interesting that the international community, instead of threatening to bomb or take sanctions against us for mass infanticide, is more concerned about imprisoning convicted terrorist murderers? After all, the likes of UN Secretary General Coffee At-One said these hardened assassins are innocent political prisoners.

But what can you expect? I think they still practice infanticide (and female castration) in Annan's enlightened home country, too.

Do not be a "good German" while the boxcars roll to the baby-killing factories of death.

This is your Holocaust.