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This is the website of the Family Research Council, which began reporting on baby body-parts trafficking in December 1999. FRC continues to cover related Congressional and State legislation. FRC has produced an excellent summary of the legal issues regarding use of fetal tissue for research entitled, "Infant/Fetal Body Parts Research: Legal Considerations," dated January 31, 2000.


This is the website of Life Dynamics Incorporated. LDI was the whistleblower on baby body-parts trafficking. After a two-year undercover investigation, LDI exposed the existence of this industry to a shocked nation. LDI has provided Congress with documentation and eyewitness reports on how aborted babies' corpses are dismembered, as well as how orders placed by researchers around the world are filled, packed and shipped for profit. LDI has produced a lengthy booklet for the public of original documents which were obtained and leaked by former baby-parts harvesters. The booklet is entitled "Baby Parts Marketing," dated May and August 1999 and can be ordered directly from LDI @ 1-800-401-6494.


This is the website of the National Catholic Register, an award-winning, nationally distributed weekly Catholic newspaper. NCR first broke the story on baby body-parts trafficking with a front page headline story, by Brian McGwire, entitled, "Fetal Parts Trafficking Spurs House Action," dated November 21-27, 1999. Since that time, NCR has closely followed breaking news on this topic almost on a weekly basis.


This is the website of the National Right to Life Committee, a watchdog and lobbying organization for activities and laws pertaining to threats to human life in our nation. NRLC's legislative division tracks and advises on Federal and State proceedings and legislation responding to this issue.


This is the website of Pro-Life Infonet, a private initiative committed to offering daily free comprehensive coverage through the Internet on all issues of interest to the pro-life perspective, including state-by-state reporting on legislative responses to baby body-parts trafficking. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe" to: HYPERLINKmailto:[email protected] [email protected] . Infonet is sponsored by "Women and Children First."


This website is entitled Prolife Views. It provides daily updates of life-related news items and a comprehensive library of the history of abortion and related topics. The website reference in the text under the "Overview" icon is from this website and can be found by clicking "Abortion 101."


This website is hosted by Priests for Life, which is an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teaching of the Church. This site is most notable for its visual images of aborted babies at all gestational stages. Click on "America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion." This site also provides daily updates, a large resources library and a listing of related activities of the organization. General resources are provided in six languages.